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Our Role Model: A Mercy to All Mankind

How is it possible to love the religion of Islam if you do not know about the one who delivered the divine revelation from Allah SWT to humankind? The Prophet ﷺ declared that no believer’s faith would ever be complete until he reaches the stage of loving the Prophet ﷺ …

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On Dark Days: The Illuminating Lamp

I struggled to select the traits in you I loved the most and so I complained to God of my weaknesses. I wonder for the one who has just heard your names, is it Al-Amin (the trustworthy one) or Ahmad (the praiseworthy one), that will sow the seed of love …

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His Visible Radiance and Beauty Within

It is not just the character traits of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ that are honourable and perfect, but also his blessed appearance and the way he took care of it. He encouraged cleanliness through his appearance and surroundings, such as his home and mosque. Striving towards being clean is a good …

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