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20 Tips for Lowering Your Gaze

Lowering one’s gaze is one of the most important things that a Muslim should do to protect himself from the punishment of Allah. Every sincere Muslim should spare no pains in this regard and should take practical steps to guard his gaze and overcome his weakness. Focusing on the question …

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What Are the Valid Reasons for Divorce?

1- Marriage is indeed a sacred bond that brings together a man and a woman by virtue of the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah. Thus, each partner in this sacred relationship must treat the other beautifully and properly. 2- A man must not divorce his wife to bring harm upon her, as this constitutes …

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When Souls Meet: How to fuse Barakah into your meetings?

We tend to think of meetings as spaces where minds meet; but what if we redefined meetings as spaces where souls meet? Although there are lots of books and resources that discuss how to run successful meetings, in this article, I’ll explore how we can approach meetings from a spiritual …

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