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Might Makes No Right

(Summary: This article discusses the meaning of might, refuting the myth that “might makes right”. The article focuses on the relationships between might and right, and between power and responsibility.All Power and Strength is From God Alone

The discussion unfolds against the backdrop of the connotations of Allah’s beautiful name Al-‘Aziz (All-Mighty) and how it has been used in the discourses of the Quran.)

One of Allah’s beautiful names is Al-‘Azizwhich means “All-Mighty” or the “Exalted in Might”.

The Quran mentions this name 89 times.

It is interesting to note that the name is never used alone. It is always accompanied by another name – or names – of Allah.

This name goes together with the “All-Wise” (Hakim) 47 times, the “Most Merciful” (Rahim) 13 times, the “Most Strong” (Qawiyy) 7 times, the “All-Knowing” (‘Alim) 6 times, the “Owner of Retribution” (Dhu Intiqam) 4 times, the “All- and Oft-Forgiving” (Ghaffar) 3 times, the “All-Praiseworthy” (Hamid) 3 times, the “Forgiver” (Ghafur) twice, and with each of the “Generous” (Karim), the “Supreme Bestower” (Wahhab) and the “Omnipotent” (Muqtadir) once.

In one instance, the Al-‘Aziz name is placed between the names of the “Overseer” (Muhaymin) and the “Compeller” (Jabbar).

The Meaning of Might

Since people are invited to understand Allah’s beautiful names and to act upon what they imply, the message to mankind hereby is as follows (and Almighty Allah knows best).The Magnificent – Discover This Unique Name of God

Might (power, control and authority) is a double-edged sword. It is an inevitable thing and integral to the ways life functions.

The prophets were sent with revealed messages and were supported with miracles. They were to establish both the heavenly truth and earthly justice.

The Quran summarizes their missions in three concepts, which at the same time serve as clear signs to people: the Book, the Balance and Iron (Al-Hadid, 25).

Those concepts are symbols of three thrusts that hold society together and make it move forward. The Book is guidance and knowledge, the Balance is justice and righteousness, and Iron is might, authority and the strong as well as long arm of the law.

They translate themselves into appropriate spiritual, moral and socio-politico-economic systems. They are of paramount importance in the perennial confrontations between good (truth) and evil (falsehood) on earth.

Thus, as the Seal of the prophets who had been sent to all people, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prayed to Allah to grant him a power and authority (sultan) to help him in his assignments (Al-Isra’, 80).

He knew that his goals could not be achieved without an earthly power. The sole authority of the Book of Allah was not enough. It needed a mighty worldly support.

This “enrichment” of the Book was characterized by the migration (hijrah) to Madinah and the establishment of a strong constitutional state.

Without a doubt, Allah curbs with an earthly authority (sultan) what cannot be curbed with the Quran alone.

Islam is all-inclusive. It is the religion of this world and the Hereafter, and of matter and spirit.

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