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6 Easy Dhikr to Purify Your Heart Daily

Purification is an ongoing process. It needs daily consistent effort. Just like we continuously wash our clothes or clean our rooms lest dirt piles up in them, we also need to regularly and consistently work on purifying our hearts. The mission of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) included …

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Is Fasting in Rajab Recommended?

Rajab is one of the four sacred months, in which fasting is generally recommended. However, there is no clearly authentic hadith stating a special virtue for fasting in Rajab in particular. In his response to your question about fasting in Rajab, Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid, the prominent Saudi Islamic lecturer and author, stated: Virtues of the …

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The Islamic New Year – A New Start

Islam speaks directly to the human heart and calls us to a pure and simple worship of the One God, Allah. This was the call of Allah’s Messengers down through the ages, starting with Adam, the first man, and Noah, the first prophet. The Islamic New Year In remembering the Islamic …

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Is Love Essential Before Marriage?

Know Yourself First There are 8 essential qualities we can attain and measure to help in preparing us for marriage. The qualities are commitment, loyalty, acceptance, patience, trust, honesty, forgiveness, and communication. Measuring these qualities is a great way to start in becoming more self-aware on which qualities we need …

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Rope of Allah – Islamic Poem

My heart yearned for something.I started digging,to find the gems of the dunya.All my effort and focus for the treasure beneath me.Nothing stopped me from getting it. I went deeper,for what I got was not enough.Ignorant of the light fading away,while sinking into the depth of desires.I could’ve stopped,but I …

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A Regretful Mistake

Aren’t I doing a mistake intentionally,By living my life as if I were to live eternally,When death would take place eventually? Indeed, I am doing a mistake intentionally,By deceiving myself mentally and spiritually,When death is a part of reality. How foolish can I be,For not accepting death as a part …

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