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Is Love Essential Before Marriage?

Know Yourself First There are 8 essential qualities we can attain and measure to help in preparing us for marriage. The qualities are commitment, loyalty, acceptance, patience, trust, honesty, forgiveness, and communication. Measuring these qualities is a great way to start in becoming more self-aware on which qualities we need …

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To Give Up Or Not to Give Up?

Does anyone still encourage this smart boy don’t give up?! We are always hearing the saying “Never give up!” People say “You only fail when you stop trying.” They also say: “Practice makes perfect.” Like my friend always likes to tell me: “Fake it until you make it.” But what does it …

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Letting Go

She thought about what she saw in him. When she accepted him, was she dreaming? He thought about the same about her. Was she just faking it altogether?  ***** Had they played their parts too well?  Did they make avenue for Paradise or hell? Who betrayed who?  They were two, …

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