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The Beautiful Patience (Sabr)

Everyone seems to be in a hurry we seem to lose track of time. We often get furious at little things and fight over minor issues. Our ability to communicate with each other has been severe by irritation and putting words into each others mouth. We’ve multi-tasked our lives with …

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Stay Positive After Hardships

Everybody has their tribulations and hardships! It very rare to have people that have a happy time and wonderful life… But Ibn Abbas said:Bearing Tests with Patience “The foundation of this dunya is tribulation.” The best worship is waiting for the ease from Allah to come when you’re in hardship. So, if …

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Online Islamic Education- The Way Forward

The online educational platforms have been rising for the last decade or so. The advent and growth of online educational websites and companies are growing on a fast speed day by day. The online education system is so beneficial that many of the very old universities are adopting them now. …

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