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Muslim Football Players in the Premier League 2019-2020

New season, new Muslim football players in the Premier League! 3 teams down and 3 new teams are up among them are Aston Villa, Norwich and Sheffield UTD. Out of these three which team has the most muslim football players in the Premier League? The last time Aston Villa were in the …

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Quran Lessons Learned By A Muslim Traveler

Originally from Algeria, I studied in very different cities including New York City (USA), Quebec City (Canada) and Osaka (Japan). Due to my thirst for knowledge, I embarked on graduate studies to explore the unknown world and human nature. These living and educational experiences gave me the opportunity to learn …

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Our Role Model: A Mercy to All Mankind

How is it possible to love the religion of Islam if you do not know about the one who delivered the divine revelation from Allah SWT to humankind? The Prophet ﷺ declared that no believer’s faith would ever be complete until he reaches the stage of loving the Prophet ﷺ …

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