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A Regretful Mistake

Aren’t I doing a mistake intentionally,By living my life as if I were to live eternally,When death would take place eventually? Indeed, I am doing a mistake intentionally,By deceiving myself mentally and spiritually,When death is a part of reality. How foolish can I be,For not accepting death as a part …

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On Dark Days: The Illuminating Lamp

I struggled to select the traits in you I loved the most and so I complained to God of my weaknesses. I wonder for the one who has just heard your names, is it Al-Amin (the trustworthy one) or Ahmad (the praiseworthy one), that will sow the seed of love …

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Why You Should Stop Making Islam Difficult Upon Yourself

One misconception many Muslim youth hold is they view Islam as a rigid/extreme religion and as a religon that is tough to practice. Because of that, many youth shrink away from Islam or abandon it altogether in their teen years or early adulthood. However, one thing we must remember is …

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