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My Take on When to Divorce

These opinions have been forming in my head long before I can put all the words together to actually write it. And Allah knows best.  While it is true that none of us get married only to divorce, it is sometimes the only necessary thing left for us to do …

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Khadija bint Khuwaylid – Reflection Of Values

Misconception and misinformation are omnipresent, so is about the conceptions in Islam. To many, Islam is a scary religion that leaves Muslim women oppressed and uneducated. I don’t think we should disparage the traditionalist. They are merely responding on what they know. I believe the more true knowledge people have …

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To Give Up Or Not to Give Up?

Does anyone still encourage this smart boy don’t give up?! We are always hearing the saying “Never give up!” People say “You only fail when you stop trying.” They also say: “Practice makes perfect.” Like my friend always likes to tell me: “Fake it until you make it.” But what does it …

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